AM with his uncle.

Robert "Lithium Aftermath" Peterson or AM was born on July 16th, 1991 to Patty and Brian Wayne Peterson. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida but currently resides in Arlington, Texas. He is known for his various eccentricities, most notably his lust for underage Modern Family star Ariel Winter, starting in the summer of 2013, when she was only 15.

Drug Habits Edit

AM's drug habits were once thought to be one massive work. However, with the popularity of Google Hangout chats, they have been proven to be true. On any given night, AM is known to ingest up to 20 Unisom in one night. At one point in time he relied on a cocktail of Subutex, Unisom, Ativan/Xananx, and Somas to get to sleep at night. At present time he relies on only Subutex and Unisom to sleep. However, he does still enjoy Xanax. AM has been known to take multiple "totem poles" during the day and at night as a sleep aid. However, he denies any real mental addiction to any drug.