Robert Peterson, or AM, was born on July 16th, 1990 to Tammy Lynn and Brian Wayne Peterson. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida but currently resides in Arlington, Texas with his mother and stepfather Doyle. He is known for his various eccentricities, most notably his lust for Modern Family star and 16 year old Ariel Winter.

Family Tree

Tammy Lynn Clough is AM's mother and spouse of Doyle Aftermath. Brian Wayne Peterson is AM's father. His brother and AM's uncle is Maynard Ray. Maynard's son Travis Peterson is AM's longtime friend and close companion. AM's grandfather Therman Peterson was a victim of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1994. 

Drug Habits

AM's drug habits were once thought to be one massive work. However, with the popularity of Google Hangout chats, they have been proven to be true. On any given night, AM is known to ingest up to 30 Unisom in one night. 

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