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BOBtv is the name of the streaming video channel hosted on Justin.TV. The Synchtube site, which is used for watching videos as a group, also shares the BOBtv name. Original content created for the web uses the BOBtv name as well.


Starting in 2009, Rocky would stream wrestling shoot interviews and various movies on Justin.TV. Over the years, this channel is only used in extreme cases when certain movies and wrestling shoots are unavailable on public sites. 


In 2012, Synchtube was introduced to the group by BOBer Hawk.  

The site is commonly used to watch videos posted to YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. Certain video that is anticipated by the group as a whole is sometimes uploaded to a private channel on YouTube for temporary use on BOBtv.  

To get full use of Synchtube, please check out the Synchtube Guide for chat controls and an emoticon guide.