This is a unique mod of normal English language. It is used quite often in BOB related chats such as on AIM and Synchtube.


While anything can be abbreviated, in proper BOB Speak, people, locations, and things are often abbreviated to change up an otherwise normal sentence. 

  • ie: 'Gee, your hair smells terrific! (MMG, your hair smells terrific!)
  • ie: We're going to the 'offs! (We're going to the playoffs!)
  • ie: Let's order a 'za! (Let's order a pizza!)


Names are often shortened or changed altogether.

  • ie: Barry O. (Barack Obama)
  • ie: Perry Manning (Peyton Manning)
  • ie: Lith' 'Math (Lithium Aftermath)

Locations Edit

Locations are abbreviated to make chatting faster. This idea comes from sporting events and airport codes. Also, it saves from any unfortunate typos that may come about from attempting to spell 'New Orleans.'

  • ie: CLE (Cleveland)
  • ie: MIN (Minnesota)
  • ie: RNO (Reno)

Things Edit

Sometimes, certain things in BOB Speak are abbreviated. This is usually done purely to annoy people who are either new to BOB or are just lame.

  • ie: I'm considering ordering a 'za for dinner. (I might eat pizza for dinner.)
  • ie: I'm killin' 'Gee in this game of 'poly. (I'm beating MMG in a game of Monopoly.)

Intentional TyposEdit

Intentional typos are typing errors made purposely, usually to reference a previous typo made by other BOBers. Sometimes other spellings Examples include:

  • "fycj" (Fuck)
  • "shiy" (Shit)
  • "furerious" (Furious)
  • "fiik" (Fool)
  • "Gagnon" (Garcon)
  • "kik" (lol)
  • "thoart" (Throat)