Intentional typos are typing errors made purposely, usually to reference a previous typo made by other BOBers. Examples of said typos include:

  • fycj (Fuck)

ie: Go fycj yourself.

  • shiy (Shit)

ie: It smells like shiy in here.

  • transcripys (Transcripts)

ie: To the transcripys!

  • furerious (Furious)

ie: I love Fast and the Furerious.

  • flim (Film)

ie: Fast and Furerious is my favorite flim.

  • fiik (Fool)

ie: You fiik.

  • Gagnon (Garcon)

ie: I drafted Gagnon in fantasy football.

  • kik (lol)

ie: That joke made me kik.

  • skit (Slit)

ie: I'm going to skit my thoart.

  • thoart (Throat)

ie: I'm going to skit my thoart.

  • tommmow (Tomorrow)

ie: I'll do it tommmow.

  • "congo" (Convo)

ie: I was making congo!

  • psyhics (Psychics)

ie: oh joy psyhics

  • yhis (This)

ie: Yhis poo is cold.

  • basraes (Bastards)

ie: Those basraes at papa johns sent a cute female driver.

  • linda (Kinda)

ie: It's linda sad.

  • awsnear (Answer)

ie: AM never awsnears the phone.

  • theroys (Theories)

ie: The theroys are rigged.

  • immercher (Immature)

ie: People are so immercher.

  • remered (Remembered)

ie: He will be remered.

  • fay (Fag)

ie: Andre is a big slow fay who could barely move.

  • curst (Crust)

ie: I will stuff your curst.

  • candian (Canadian)

ie: Taste my candian bacon.

  • ermarkwd (Remarked)

ie: He ermarkwd that he hated Zack Ryder.

  • wiyh (With)

ie: I have to work wiyh teenagers.

  • mr. pip (Mr. Pibb)

ie: I had a mr. pip for lunch.

  • posscessed (Possessed)

ie: This girl is posscessed.

  • ong (OMG)

ie: ong this is great