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Keith Sells (born June 17, 1990) was one of the original members (December 2008) of BOB.

Miss Kendrick[]

Months into the formation of BOB, Keith claimed to date a girl dubbed Miss Kendrick, which led to a fake account being made by Rocky on the Wrestlecrap Forums, using her picture and identity. MMG let Madison Carter know who was actually behind the account, which led to the BOB founders being kicked off or leaving Madison Carters Wrestlecrap Forums for the last time, and MMG's short lived status as "a mole".

It was later found out that Keith never dated Miss Kendrick.

Sudden Depature[]

Keith suddenly stopped appearing in BOB AIM chats in October 2009. On the last (original format) episode of BOB Talk Radio, An Evening With Keith Sells, given reasons were his new girlfriend (who's existence were intially questioned till she took a photo that said she "Loves Keith Bradley George Sells") and that he "took on a family".

Keith returned to BOB in December 2016.

Keith departed BOB for the second time in 2018.


The Story of Miss Kendrick